Visiting Film Set Locations

Finding those famous locations can be an exciting day out but it's worth bearing a few things in mind so that you both enjoy your day and stay safe.

Public Film Sets

Most of our movie locations are in public areas from the countryside to some of the largest cities. When a movie is in the filming stage on-location the production company would have gained permission from the land owner and paid the fees due, usually cordoning off the area while in progress. Once they are finished the area returns to every day use. When you hike these locations it's worth following some straight forward common sense notes.

  • Stay safe. While we try to ensure locations are relatively safe you should always be aware of your surroundings and choose a safe time to visit when there are plenty of other people around. Many spots are in busy city centers that attract tourists and pickpockets alike. Do some general research on the area so you know what to expect and contact the local tourist board for advice.
  • Many locations are residential areas with some sets being based in private housing. Respect the privacy of the residents as usually more often that not they don't particulary want to be disturbed.
  • Over time some locations will change, local roads, access restrictions or even removal. We can't guarantee we are totally up-to-date though we do try which is why we recommend having a few locations in mind when you set off to avoid disappointment. If you find things have changed or you have something new and interesting to tell about the location, let me know!
  • We rely on access for people with disabilities to be provided by the local authority of locations set in the street or remote locations. If you have specific needs for access then we recommend consulting the local authority for that area. It is also worth exploring the area using a service such as Google Street view to assess the area. If you have accessability information relating to a location then please do let me know.