Top Gear (Clarkson, Hammond, May and Dawe)


Top Gear (Clarkson, Hammond, May and Dawe) Location

The revived television series Top Gear which returned in 2002 refreshed the Top Gear brand. Originally presented by Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and Jason Dawe, the show was filmed in a hangar based next to their own race track. Jason Dawe was replaced by James May and over the next few years the show became a worldwide success.

With Top Gear challenges and races taking them around the globe, with some of the most spectacular scenery produced by the BBC, Top Gear presents an amazing opportunity for the most avid Movie Hiker.

Top Gear Test Track

Dunsfold Aerodrome | Cranleigh | United Kingdom

Top Gear Test Track Location

Dunsfold Aerodrome is the home to the Top Gear studio and test track. The track can be hired out from the Aerodrome and although it cannot be hired directly by private individuals it is possible to use it through event companies that use the location. Tickets to attend the filming of Top Gear can be obtained by request through the official Top Gear audience booking organisers Applause. Avoid using any other outlets as only official tickets will be accepted. Tickets a free of charge but be aware that due to the popularity of the show bookings are usually full in advance so book early and plan ahead.

* This location may be subject to seasonal or restricted opening dates. Please check their official website for opening dates.

Where to find Top Gear Test Track

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Tower 42 Natwest Tower

City of London | London | United Kingdom

Tower 42 Natwest Tower Location

When Jeremy Clarkson raced James May and Richard Hammond, Jeremy in a Bugatti Veyron and Richard and James in a Cessna aircraft and the Eurostar train (as well as the London night bus) from Italy, they meet at the finale; the top of the Natwest Tower (now known as Tower 42) in the City of London for a meal on the top floor restuarant made with their well travelled truffle.

While Tower 42 is a private office block it is possible to book a meal at Vertigo42 Champagne Bar located on the top floor with spectacular views over london. Access is strictly by reservation only and a smart / casual dress code. Expect mid to high pricing for quality drinks. Bottles of wine at £35 upwards, Champaigne at £45 with premium bottles priced between £100 - £300. Food pricing is gentler with dishes between £15 and £40 and a discressionary 12.5% service charge.

If you don't wish to visit the restaurant then it is still worth visiting the area. A cluster of high rise buildings in walking distance including St. Mary Axe, known as the Gerkin and historic buildings around Cornhill and Threadneedle Street, including the Bank of England. These can take on very different characters depending on whether you visit in the day or night and a contrasting atmosphere between the week when the area is awash with business people and traders and the weekend when it can seem deserted.

Details of Vertigo42 can be found on their official web site;

Where to find Tower 42 Natwest Tower

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